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Located in Haslet, TX
Located in Haslet, TX

FIFO Bottles


We have 1 available.

 NOTE: Use caution when first applying pressure during each use to avoid an undue mess. Like any silicone product over time wear and tear are very likely and could lead a malfunction of the product. We are not responsible the normal wear and tear of this product, a manufacture defect will be apparent with this product shortly after first use.

Pair of 16oz FIFO Bottles. These are authentic FIFO Bottles.

One Green Tip Small Valve Dispenser for thin liquids (Part B).

One Blue Tip Large Valve Dispenser for thick liquids (Part A).

We will include A & B labels for convenience.

Storage Tip: Store the bottles upright. We've stored our pair upright for months at a time and never an issue with leaking or drying out.