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LOCATION: North Fort Worth, Texas
LOCATION: North Fort Worth, Texas

Stacked Discounts

Most companies give you a discount code to use on their site that is specific to a single product, collection or an entire order and cannot be combined with any other offers.

We offer Stacked Discounts.

Discounts listed below are only used as examples to show how our Stacked Discounts work and may or may not be available when placing an order. Please refer to discount messages as you navigate our website for current promotions.

How it works (example order):
4 - Tumblers (Savings 10% because you ordered 4 tumblers)
100 - Prop-Its (Savings 20% because you met our tiered discount criteria)
4 - Glitters (Savings 25% because you ordered 4 tumblers)
1 - Fabric (FREE because your order was more than $10)
1 - Ombre Shaker (Savings 10% because you ordered a Fine Glitter)

This example order has 5 different promotions that all combine into one final discount savings.

Regular Price = $126.69
Stacked Discount Savings = $25.34
Total After Discounts = $101.35

With Renwills you can take advantage of every offer available on a single order.