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Located in Haslet, TX
Located in Haslet, TX

Stacked Discounts

Most companies give you a discount code to use on their site that is specific to a single product, collection or an entire order and cannot be combined with any other offers.

We offer Stacked Discounts.

How it works (example order):
4 - Tumblers (Savings 10% because you ordered 4 tumblers)
100 - Prop-Its (Savings 20% because you met our tiered discount criteria)
4 - Glitters (Savings 25% because you ordered 4 tumblers)
1 - Fabric (FREE because your order was more than $10)
1 - Ombre Shaker (Savings 10% because you ordered a Fine Glitter)

This example order has 5 different promotions that all combine into one final discount savings.

Regular Price = $126.69
Stacked Discount Savings = $25.34
Total After Discounts = $101.35

With Renwills you can take advantage of every offer available on a single order.