Our shipping cost very but will never exceed $15 no matter how large the order.


Due to COVID-19 we cannot guarantee any shipping times as shipping is controlled by each carrier and delays are very likely.

TRACKING: All packages delivered are tracked via GPS, carrier can provide exact location when package was scanned and delivered. GPS information will be requested if delivery is disputed. If GPS shows package delivered to/at the correct address but not located the package is consider 'Lost' and is not covered by Renwills or any of the carriers.

FULFILLMENT: Within 24 hours and in some cases same day.

SHIPPING: Within 24 hours and in some cases same day.

DELIVERY TIME: Average delivery time is within 1-4 business days shipping from North Texas once handed off to the carrier.

STORE PICKUP: We do offer store pickup, if you pick this option you will get an email with pickup instructions.